Jun 20

Herbal Remedies versus Prescription Drugs

Every day you see advertisements for various prescription drugs to help people with urinary problems or bladder control, high cholesterol, hypertension, asthma and more. During each commercial there is one segment devoted to warning the public about all of the possible side effects that these drugs can cause. I have listened to them and find it hard to believe that someone with a bladder control problem would actually take a medication that could lead to a stroke or possible death. Yet, the medication is prescribed and taken by people every day.

People that suffer from stress or anxiety disorders are often put on medication to help control the symptoms, but once they start on the medication they cannot stop without the very real possibility that their problem will get worse. It is possible for these medications to cause thoughts of suicide and an even stronger possibility that this could worsen if the medication is stopped suddenly.

There are many prescription drugs that started from natural plant extracts but then humans through their wisdom, have added chemical compounds to them to make them ‘better’. In the process we have polluted our systems and our environment with compounds that are doing more harm than good.

In Florida there is a fresh-water lake that is home to numerous alligators. Throughout time these reptiles have lived there in harmony with their environment, but the encroachment of human habitats and the pollution they bring has caused irreparable damage to the population. The population is dwindling due to the overall health of the alligators and the inability to reproduce. During studies of the population, the alligators that were trapped and examined showed genetic mutation of their genitals and reproductive systems. Many showed both male and female genitals and were sterile. The water tested showed chemical pollutants to be the probable cause of this disaster.

It’s not just this one problem with this one lake and these alligators. In European countries there has been an increase in sexual mutation or deformities, usually in the male populations with young boys having small or non-existent male genitals. There have been many studies of treated water leaving sewage treatment plants supposedly safe but with unusually high levels of medications such as antibiotics. These compounds do not break down as quickly in the treatment plants and are being dumped into our streams and lakes because the water is deemed safe.

Although there are sometimes side effects from taking natural herbal remedies, they are usually not as severe as those associated with prescription drugs. Natural herbal regimens may take a little longer to show results, but used in conjunction with a good diet and exercise they have been known to be equally as effective on some ailments.

As with any regimen, please consult your physician before starting anything new. If your doctor is not familiar with herbal medications, seek other professional assistance before starting a treatment on your own.

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