Jun 21

Herbs Can Help To Control Type II Diabetes

Due to the diets and lifestyles we live, it is not unusual for someone to be told they are pre-diabetic. Almost one fifth of the world’s population has been diagnosed with diabetes. In the US, more than twenty million cases of diabetes have been diagnosed with new cases being diagnosed each day.
Due to our fast foods and pre-processed foods that make a meal quick and convenient, we have fed our bodies the wrong things for too long. Now is the time to change our attitudes, the way we view foods, and the way we view ourselves.
Diabetes is quite manageable and you can live a perfectly normal life with it as long as you make certain changes in your lifestyle. Cut out the chicken nuggets and take out foods and get back to basics eating fresh wholesome foods. There are so many different health problems that can be and are often associated with diabetes, that many people simply don’t realize they have the disease until it’s too late. Early detection with any disease is very important so that you can begin controlling it as soon as possible, thus reducing your risk for the more serious problems that can be associated with diabetes. It is essential for people with diabetes to take care of themselves.
Obesity is a major risk factor especially for adult onset type II diabetes. There has been much discussion about whether it is a genetic disease or an environmental one. Your genes can make you predisposed to the disease but our lifestyles and diets are a major contributing factor. Here in the United States, we are prone to sedentary lifestyles and are not terribly conscientious about keeping up with regular exercise and healthy eating habits.
Regular physical activity will help you manage your diabetes, and help you with weight loss. Losing as little as 10—15 pounds may help manage your diabetes. You will be able to better control your diabetes if you are within your weight limits. Most diabetic patients are overweight. Cut down on your weight and half of your problems may be solved, not to mention that you will look healthier with a more toned body.
There are traditional herbal and natural remedies which have shown benefits to a diabetic. Experts have also looked at plants used by the Ashanti ethnic group. They have interviewed traditional healers of the area to identify certain plants used to help with healing. A broad spectrum mineral supplement is also a necessity since diabetics are also known to be chronically short of mineral.
Be kinder to your system. Epidemic Type II diabetes may be curable but it is definitely manageable.

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