Jun 21

Herbs Have Natural Healing Power

People all over the world use massage therapy to encourage balance and well-being, help promote healthy skin, nourish and strengthen the body, relieve stress, and reduce pain. Massage opens and increases the flow of energy, helping to release physical and emotional disharmony balancing the entire nervous system.
Benefits of a massage are enhanced by the use of high quality massage oils. Most aromatherapy massage recipes contain essential oils added to carrier oil and applied to the body. Some common carrier oils include Hazelnut oil, Rosehip Seed oil, and Evening Primrose oil among others. These oils have a wealth of essential fatty acids along with other components that are known for the treatment of aging skin, eczema, pain, joint stiffness, and may reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Aromatherapy may also help reduce stress, anxiety, or depression.
Different ingredients are mixed with the carrier oil depending on the ailment to be treated. They may be made into a massage liquid, a rub, vapors, or bath salts. Once mixed they can be applied directly to the afflicted area, used for a full body massage, place in an atomizer to diffuse into the air, mixed with bath water or made into a poultice.
Most ingredients can be purchased locally or they can be ordered online from possibly a single source. Ingredients should be tested on the body in a small area of the body to check for allergic reactions since some people do have a multitude of allergies. Other than a possible allergy, there are few side effects noted from using these types of herbal remedies.

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